Donate to COMPOS

COMPOS is free to all state school pupils thanks to the generous support of the charities and organisations who donate to us.

We are expanding, more and more students want to join each year, so we need to raise funds to support more students.

How to help

It costs £25 per week to keep someone on the course which covers all tutoring costs and the other expenses which go to keep the project running like access to the learning platform and our staff salaries.

You can help by donating an amount to COMPOS GoFundMe

  • Please share info about how to donate to COMPOS. You can copy the link into a social media post or into a family WhatsApp group.
  • Are you a parent or guardian? Can your workplace help? Sometimes businesses give money to support good causes, can you ask them and find out?
  • Are you a teacher? If several students at your school have benefitted from COMPOS this year, can your school put some money towards the cost of their tuition?


Please donate via We Solve Problems on the GoFundMe platform or contact any of the staff by email to discuss how you could help.