COMPOS is the most rewarding academic experience that I have ever had. It has pushed me to develop my skills in physics and maths significantly; it has improved my confidence in discussing problems and presenting solutions verbally, which will be invaluable for interviews; and it has been so interesting and enjoyable. I am amazed by the quality of tuition, and I am really impressed that a course of this calibre is available for free. Doing COMPOS has solidified my intention to apply to Physics at Oxford, and I am now so much more prepared to make a competitive application.

It’s been amazing being able to explore maths and physics at a higher level than we are taught at school and it has helped me discover my passion for maths and physics even more than before. It has also been great having webinars and tutorials each week, as well as the problem sheets, as it has challenged me and also taught me so much.

I learn stuff before we do them in school, I am smarter. It is 👌

What made COMPOS special to me was my tutor! His enthusiasm in tutorials and detailed feedback to my assignments are what really took the program from quite helpful to incredibly valuable. The content is rigorous and undoubtedly tough but so rewarding, especially for those looking to go into STEM — I couldn’t recommend it enough.

COMPOS has given me early access to high quality information before my peers in school, allowing me to get a step ahead. It has truly helped me a great deal in getting a solid understanding of the basics and complex parts of maths and physics, before I learn them in class at school. - J.

An incredible program which has helped me to overcome advanced physics and maths problems, greatly aiding me in preparation for the PAT and overall being a very fun part of my week. – V.

I joined COMPOS in Yr 13 and it has been amazing and opened my eyes to even more Mathematics and Physics – all of which has helped me to improve my A-level work as well as to greatly prepare me for University. If I had the option to go back to Yr 12, I would 100% have taken part in COMPOS then too. Thank you COMPOS!