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Who is it for?

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COMPOS is for any student in Years 10-13 in a UK state school or sixth form. We take about 400 students a year and the programme is FREE.

For everyone...

We aim to have 30%+ of our students be female or non-binary.

We aim for 25% of our students to have received financial support during school, like the pupil premium, free school meals,  education maintenance allowance and 16-19 bursary.

COMPOS is for students studying double or triple GCSE science, and physics and maths A Level. 

All you need is internet access on a phone with a camera, a tablet or a laptop.

...with a strong interest in physics and maths

COMPOS is a physics programme but to be good at physics, you need to be good at maths! So everyone studies both the maths and physics topics.

Our program includes weekly tutorials, weekly webinars and assignments set every 3-4 weeks. If you are offered a place you will be expected to attend regularly and submit the assignments.

Much like joining a youth orchestra, drama production or sports team, you need to be reliable and turn up each week for practice.

You can see the topics we teach on our Syllabus page.

International and private school students

COMPOS Foundation is a parallel programme with the same content run for students who are based overseas or in fee-paying UK schools. The programme costs £25 per week to cover costs. Please apply on our home page and indicate on your application which type of school you attend. Students on a full bursary may be eligible to join the free programme, this will be considered on a case by case basis.

How does it work?

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COMPOS is online, so all your interaction is through video calls, our online learning platform, forums, webinars and our YouTube channel. You can communicate with our staff by email and via our forums.


Once you have read all about us and decided this looks interesting, you need to register which is a simple sign up process. The link to register is on our Home Page.

We will notify you when the first assignments for your year group have gone live on our website, one maths and one physics.  We release the first assignment at the start of September. Take a look and have a go at learning the topic and solving the problems. You DO NOT need to get them all correct, some are deliberately really hard.

Send your work back to us by the deadline, usually mid-October. The process is simple, you upload it to an online classroom. We'll let you know how to do it.

Your work will be marked by one of our tutors and you will get the marks back.

Anyone who scored over 50% last year was offered a place. We are not looking for geniuses! 


If you are offered a place and accept, we'll ask you to complete a more detailed registration form and tell us what days and times you are available. We will give you a tutor along with a small group of  about 8 students your age. Your tutor will contact you to introduce themselves and send a link for your first online tutorial. Tutorials can be scheduled for after school or at weekends and are about 90 mins long.

Tutorials usually follow a pattern, one for reviewing the previous assignment, one for the current physics topic and one for the current maths topic. You submit your work for the assignment and repeat the process. Your tutor will mark your work and give you written feedback via the learning platform.

We take a break at Christmas and Easter, otherwise tutorials run each week at the same time. 

Years 11 and 13 run from October to February, finishing early so you can revise. Years 10 and 12 run from October through to July.