Assignment 01 for 2024/25 will be published at the start of September.


All interested students are required to complete and submit both parts of Assignment 01 (Physics and Maths) by the 13th October 2024 deadline.

We do not admit students who only complete one part of the assignment.

Assignments will be marked. In the past, the passing score was >50% on both the physics and maths parts of the assignment. We cannot anticipate this years' passing score as it depends on the number of entries.

Past Assignments from 2023/24

Year 10/11 2023

Physics 10_01(Entrance test)

Maths 10_01(Entrance test)


Year 12 2023

Physics 12_01(Entrance test)

Maths 12_01(Entrance test)


Year 13 2023

Physics 13_01(Entrance test)

Maths 13_01(Entrance test)